Septic Services

All across Snohomish County, Camano Island, and now Skagit County; Cuz Concrete is here to service your septic tank cleaning and pumping needs!

Check out our A+ septic Camano to Darrington BBB rating

At Cuz Concrete Septic Services we are dedicated to having the best in Snohomish County septic pumping and septic tank cleaning services.  With a long history in storm and waster water management and the commitment that only comes from a family owned and operated company, we are masters at septic servicing.  With a strong dedication to Snohomish County we cover a wide range of services for septic.  Darrington is our service territory furthest East where we have many long time customers.  To the West we travel as far as the island for pumping septic.  Camano Island customers make up a significant contingent of our customer family.

There is nothing  more important to us than our customers for our septic service. Darrington, Camano, Arlington, or Marysville it makes no matter, we are dedicated to providing prompt service.  We know how to treat a customer right and how to be responsive and respectful.  Over forty years in business has honed our customer skills and made us appreciate our customer's smiles.  No matter where you need service of your septic - Darrington, Camano, Stanwood, Camano or Arlington new installation, locating, replacement, pumping, or cleaning - your solution is Cuz Concrete.

  • Septic tank pumping with pumpers approved by Snohomish County/Island County

  • Septic system drain field inspection, cleaning and rejuvenation

  • Septic tank baffle filter and riser installation using State and County approved materials and techniques

  • Electronically locate septic tanks and drain fields

Cuz Septic Service works with anything and everything related to moving liquids from a residence or commercial property.  Cuz Septic Service division plans, sells, maintains, and repairs septic pumping, transportation and holding systems to residences.

Cuz Septic Service was started over 45 years ago, in 1969, by Wayne Zachry's father, Glen. Truly a family business, the company is now a “three-holer” involving Wayne and his two sons, Aaron and Brandon. Focused on septic tank and cleaning products, the company delivers over 3000 septic tanks a year.

The company has come to be known as a staple in the septic pumping service business in Snohomish and Island Counties. Cuz Septic Service is proud to say that they have many repeat and loyal customers. 45 years of septic tank manufacturing, pumping, and repair have made Cuz an expert in the down under.  Cuz Septic Service is the single source supplier for all septic tank pumping and cleaning  services for Snohomish and Island Counties:: from septic - Camano to septic - Darrington and everything in between. 

The Best Service for your Septic - Camano Island, Arlington, Darrington, Stanwood, Marysville, Snohomish, Lake Stevens, parts of Skagit county, and many many more. 

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