Vaults – Cuz Concrete Products Inc. produces a wide range of sizes on vaults for all different applications.  Oil Water Separators, Grease Interceptors, Electrical, Detector Check Vaults, Coalescing packages etc. from 100 to 3000 gallon and custom sizes as needed.

Catch Basins

Manholes – 48” – 96” rubber joint manholes used in commercial sewer projects or residential plats with many options. Booted, non-booted, channeled, synthetic channeling, coated. WE will produce to specs required.

Area Trench Drains – Small basins for residential use in yards, driveways etc. Both in plastic & concrete.

Septic/Pump Holding Tanks – Tanks for use in commercial or residential applications on septic systems or sewage systems. Sizes from 300 to 3000 gallons in concrete or plastic. Custom sizes available upon request.

Misc Concrete Products – Many other quality products such as parking bumpers, hydrant guard posts, valve maker posts, well tile, and culvert pipe etc.

Fabricated Metal Works  - Our Certified custom fabrication shop can supply all your metal works to spec from bar grates to debris cones and flow restrictors and alum or galv hatches.

Custom Products – We can make a concrete monkey if you desire, but we specialize in signs, headwalls, arch footings hi-way median posts, pipe anchors, utility trenches etc. What I am saying is we can do almost anything and if ever a time or project you would like to see if its feasible to do don’t hesitate to call for some preliminary numbers.